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Curator Close-Up: Sarah Schleuning
Merry Go Zoo. Photography by Jonathan Hillyer.
Eva Berlin
Digital Content Specialist

Meet Sarah Schleuning, the High Museum of Art’s Curator of Decorative Arts and Design. Sarah is the first curator to be featured in our new series of Curator Close-Ups—videos that provide an inside look at the exciting curatorial work going on here at the High.

In this video, Sarah takes us behind the scenes of Merry Go Zoo, an outdoor installation on the Sifly Piazza, and explains how her community-centered philosophy guides her work. This playful installation by Jaime Hayon is the fourth project in our piazza activation initiative, which launched in 2014 with a grant from the Lettie Pate Evans Foundation.

“We do something that is free and open and accessible, and it is meant to inspire people to interact with art and, ultimately, bring joy.” – Sarah Schleuning

Sarah Schleuning headshot