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Past Exhibitions


Subway Portrait, New York, 1938

Walker Evans: Depth of Field

June 11–September 11, 2016

Walker Evans: Depth of Field presents one of the most comprehensive assessments to date of the influential photographer’s powerful career.

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Walker Evans (American, 1903–1975) is widely considered among the most influential artists of the twentieth century. His pioneering “lyric” documentary style was elegant, subtle, and direct, fusing a powerful personal perspective with an objective record of time and place. For more than fifty years, Evans focused his penetrating lens on the American scene, building a catalogue of our nation’s social landscape and collective identity through a portrayal of small towns, working-class families, modern urban life, and printed advertisements.

Evans is best remembered for his work documenting the American South, where he made among his most indelible images during the Great Depression, but his career was long and full of innovation. His early work from the 1920s on the streets of New York was inspired by European avant-garde aesthetics and a deep interest in literary conventions. Before chronicling the Depression in America, Evans trained his eye on the working class of pre-revolutionary Cuba. In the decades following his seminal Southern work, he demonstrated interest in covert candid photography, meditated on the aesthetic possibilities of signs, and experimented with color Polaroid film.

Evans’s diverse contributions anticipated and resonated with the mid-century Pop Art movement, insisting that art could be an act of taking, collecting, isolating, and assembling everyday artifacts in new contexts. This exhibition presents one of the most comprehensive assessments of his powerful career to date.

Organization and Support

Walker Evans: Depth of Field  has been co-organized by the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat, Bottrop and the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, in collaboration with the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The exhibition is made possible through support from the Terra Foundation for American Art.

The exhibition in Atlanta is made possible with support from The Halle Foundation and the Donald and Marilyn Keough Family. Additional support is provided by Friends of A Year in Photography and Friends of Photography.