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Cotton Warehouse, Newbern, Alabama, 2000 (Jan. 1)


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Cotton Warehouse, Newbern, Alabama, 2000 (Jan. 1)

Artwork Details


William Christenberry
American, 1936–2016




Dye coupler print

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A native of Alabama, Christenberry has systematically photographed old buildings and architectural elements in his home town of Talladega and other Southern cities for decades. Trained as a painter, sculptor, and photographer, Christenberry’s photographs were initially used as studies for his work in other media, but they soon evolved to works of art in their own right. This image of an abandoned cotton warehouse hauntingly reminds the viewer of a bygone era. The ethereal, translucent quality of the print further enhances the sense of nostalgia.


Gift of The National Millennium Survey organized by The College of Santa Fe and the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego

Image Copyright

(c) William Christenberry