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Caregiver Benefit


An older woman's daughter puts her hand on her mother's back as they explore artworks in the High's galleries.

FREE add-on at the Contributing level and above 
$25 add-on to Individual or Dual/Family membership 

The Caregiver Benefit enables a non-member caregiver to visit the High with children of a member or with an adult member who needs assistance during their visit. 

A mother kneels with her arm around her daughter as they interact with colorful objects in the Greene Family Learning Gallery

The Caregiver Benefit provides free general admission for one caregiver. Use the benefit to explore the galleries or to attend ongoing programs like Toddler Thursday, Conversation Pieces, and Friday Jazz! 

The Caregiver Benefit is not a substitute for an individual membership and can only be used when accompanying a member or the children of a member.

To add a Caregiver Benefit to your current membership, please contact Member and Guest Services at or 404-733-4575 (Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.).