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Camp Schedule

9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Morning drop-off: 8:30–9 a.m.
Afternoon pickup: 3:30–4 p.m.
Aftercare is available as an add-on for late pickups until 6 p.m.

Dive into art this summer at the High! Young artists will explore the Museum’s galleries, create original artworks, and showcase their masterpieces in a special exhibition each week. Campers will learn about the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions while honing their skills in drawing, painting, and design.

Professional teaching artists will inspire your child to look closely, experiment with materials, and try new techniques. Our weeklong camps are designed to serve rising first through eighth graders.

Spots fill quickly, so register today!

Members: $350/week
Not-Yet-Members: $450/week

To sign up for a membership and receive 25% off Art Camp registration, please visit our Membership page.

If you are not currently a member, but would like to become one or renew an expired membership, simply select the camp you’d like to purchase below and then add a membership in the cart when prompted. Your discount will be applied before you finish your transaction.

If you just purchased a membership in a separate transaction, you will be able to access member prices within the hour. If it has been more than one hour since you purchased a membership and you still do not see the member price, please make sure to clear your cookies.

The High Museum of Art reserves the right to cancel, change, or alter any program due to attendance.

Camp Aftercare
Aftercare (4–6 p.m.): $50/week
Purchase aftercare when you register for camps.
Aftercare extends pick-up until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday of the camp week. During aftercare, campers will create small art projects, play games, and have free time. Campers are fully supervised while in aftercare.


A camp teacher assists students creating artworks.


For additional information, check out our Camp FAQ
Questions? Email us at or call 470-370-2032 for registration questions or assistance, and 404-800-0547 for all other questions.

Join the Camp Waitlist
To join a waitlist, please email and include the week of camp, age group, name of camper, and phone number. We will contact you as soon as a spot opens. If we don’t hear back from you within twenty-four hours, the spot may be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

    June 7–11: Crazy for Color
    Create a rainbow of artworks in this week all about color! Explore colors and light in the galleries, and create artworks using every color you can imagine—even colors you make yourself! Explore color theory with unusual color wheels, paint a portrait in your favorite colors, and create a masterpiece using complementary and contrasting colors!

    June 14–18: Creative Creatures
    Lions and tigers and campers? Oh my! Search the gallery walls for animals large and small, and find new animal friends roaring, purring, and growling throughout the Museum. In the workshops, invent imaginary creatures, build awesome animals, and paint an environment for the Museum’s animals to live in.

    June 21–25: Modern Masterpieces
    We’re bringing the fun back to the fundamentals of art while investigating artworks in our Modern and Contemporary Art galleries. Discover how artists play with colors, shapes, and lines. Then, create a color wheel, experiment with textures using unusual materials, build with organic and geometric shapes, and create your own modern masterpiece!

    June 28–July 2: Peculiar Prints
    Dive into printmaking as we explore different methods of copying, repeating, and layering! Explore the galleries to find artists who use printmaking, discover patterns hidden in paintings, and explore different types of printmaking in the workshops!

    July 12–16: All Shapes and Sizes
    Art comes in all shapes and sizes—big and small, round and square, flat and sculpted! Scour the galleries to find shapes in paintings and sculptures and artworks that challenge scale. Explore colors and lines, create giant paintings, and construct tiny sculptures in this week all about shapes and sizes.

    July 19–23: Face to Face
    Come face to face with portraiture in this week of camp! Discover portraits in the galleries, and find colors, objects, and expressions in portraits that tell a story. Create portraits using different painting styles, experiment with abstraction, and draw the inner you!

    July 26–30: Town and Country
    Would you rather go to the countryside or explore a big city? You can do both in this week of camp about different landscapes! Explore city and country living as we investigate wild terrain and tall cityscapes in the galleries. Draw new cities, paint a perfect landscape, and build a new world using collage!

    June 7–11: Fantastical Animals
    Crazy creatures have taken over the Museum, and it’s up to us to round them up! Search the galleries for mixed-up animals and fantastical beasts. In the workshops, paint a new world for the Museum’s animals, make a mixed-media wild beast, and invent new creatures.

    June 14–18: Call of the Wild
    Ever wanted to just get away from city living? Now you finally can as we create new worlds, exciting landscapes, and uncharted territories. Explore landscapes in the galleries to find inspiration for watercolor seascapes, collaged countrysides, and sculpted environments.

    June 21–25: Copy and Paste
    Learn printmaking and collage in this week all about layering and repeating! Explore the galleries to find patterns in paintings, posters, and prints, and layers of images! In the workshops, experiment with different mediums to create your own block print posters, collages with gelatin prints, and a work of art with too many layers to count!

    June 28–July 2: Abstract Exploration
    Art doesn’t always have to look like a portrait, or a still life, or a landscape! Investigate abstract art in our galleries as we explore works that don’t look like any object—or do they? Experiment with abstraction to create sculptures, paintings inspired by Ellsworth Kelly, and your own contemporary masterpieces!

    July 12–16: Sun, Moon, and Stars
    Look to the skies! Paint your way through the sky as we explore day and night in the galleries. Discover different constellations, splatter-paint a new universe, and investigate how to make prints using only the sun.

    July 19–23: Art Essentials
    Go back to basics in this week all about the essentials of art! Explore the galleries to find paintings all about colors, discover sculptures made of many shapes, and investigate artworks made from unusual materials. In the workshops, experiment with painting, collage, and mixed media to build up your art skills!

    July 26–30: People, Places, and Things
    How can art tell a story about who we are? In this week of camp, discover how portraits, landscapes, and still lifes can reveal so much about an artist. Create a colorful self-portrait about your emotions, sketch still lifes with some of your favorite things, and create a dreamy layered landscape.

    June 7–11: Portraits and Selfie-Portraits
    Is a selfie worth a thousand words? Put away your technology and learn techniques to paint, sketch, and draw your own portraits. Examine ways that the artists in our galleries skillfully used materials and techniques to capture facial expressions, emotion, and character in their portraiture work. Then try your hand at portraying yourself, your family, and your friends.

    June 14–18: Put It in Print
    Discover the power of visual persuasion and experiment with printmaking techniques in this exciting week of camp! Investigate how artists use repetition, patterns, and words to get their message across. Then, use stamps, stencils, and different methods of printing to create works of art with a message.

    June 21–25: Life in a Landscape
    Can you imagine living in one of the landscapes in our galleries? Explore the galleries to find serene scenes, exciting environments, and vast views. Create your own dramatic landscape, add yourself into one of the Museum’s paintings, or paint your dream house!

    June 28–July 2: The Animal Kingdom
    Take a walk on the wild side as we hunt for tigers, elephants, birds, and snakes in the galleries. Discover both tame and crazy creatures hiding in the Museum’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures. In the workshops, paint an animal portrait, build a beastly mask, and create your own animal kingdom!

    July 12–16: Balancing Act
    Find your balance in this week of camp that’s all about harmony and stability. Explore the galleries to find sculptures hanging by a thread, discover balanced arrangements in paintings, and investigate patterns in art and architecture. In the workshops, create a mobile, sketch balanced compositions, and create tessellations!

    July 19–23: City Life vs. Country Living
    Get the best of both worlds in this week of camp all about landscapes and cityscapes! Explore the galleries to find inspiration for your own ideal landscape, futuristic city, or wild environment! Create collaged cityscapes and paint perfect panoramas as we explore the world around us.

    July 26–30: The Dimensions of Art
    Explore size and space in this week of camp about dimensions! Explore the galleries to find giant sculptures, 3D paintings, and tiny artworks that challenge our ideas of scale and proportion. Create your own mini sculptures, make a painting that’s anything but flat, and build a mobile of epic proportions.

    June 7–11: Principles of Painting
    Experiment with different paints in this week of camp focusing on the fundamentals of painting. Discover the differences between acrylic and tempera, create your own watercolor color wheel, and experiment with using both traditional and nontraditional methods of painting. Find inspiration in the galleries as we explore landscapes, portraits, and abstract art.

    June 14–18: Landscape Living
    Spend your week on an art vacation! Discover faraway lands, sail the seas, and create a new city in this week of camp about landscapes. Explore the galleries to find inspiration for your own collaged countrysides, constructed cities, and watercolor seascapes.

    June 21–25: Textures of Art
    Have you ever wondered what a painting feels like? Explore textures in this week of camp about the surface of artworks! Investigate in the galleries to find inspiration for your own dynamic sculptures, texture paintings, and different artwork finishes.

    June 28–July 2: Inside the Artist’s Studio
    What would you put in your dream art studio? Would you fill it with paint or sculpture tools? Create your own artist studio after finding inspiration in the galleries! Paint your dream studio, sculpt models for your drawings, and create portraits of your studio mates.

    July 12–16: Figures and Faces
    In this week of camp, search the Museum’s galleries for portraits and self-portraits throughout time, and learn all about proportion, structure, features, and likeness. In the workshops, paint a portrait in the style of an artist you discover in the galleries, sculpt a face out of unusual materials, and create a self-portrait that expresses your emotions.

    July 19–23: 2D to 3D and Back Again
    Explore new dimensions in this week of camp all about 2D and 3D art! Search the galleries to find sculptures and their prototypes, paintings that go beyond the canvas, and giant artworks. Create your own drawings from sculptures, construct 3D objects within a painting, and investigate how to turn artwork from flat to three-dimensional and back again!

    July 26–30: Set in Motion
    How can art move? Spend your week exploring moving artworks by artists in the Museum’s collection. Create sculptures that spin and rotate, explore balance with mobiles, and draw in three dimensions in your artworks all about movement and motion.

    Hurry—only a few spots left in this camp!