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CAMP 2020 – TEST


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A young girl holds her purple painted hands up to the camera.

  • Week 1: Fireflies in the Garden—Collections Inspired by Nature
    June 8–12, 2020

    Discover paintings of animals, insects, and birds in the museum’s collection and express your feelings about nature through making art! Create terrariums, gemstones and geodes, and stained-glass lanterns for fun and adventure. Be amazed by your own creativity and the beauty of the natural world.

    Week 2: Sculpture as Canvas
    June 15–19, 2020

    Experiment with sculpture and learn the magic of its ability to transform. Using clay, metal, and other materials, we’ll form, sculpt, construct, and shape while expanding our creativity. We’ll also talk about how materials can be molded into tools for animation, design, and craft.

    Week 3: Color Exploratorium
    June 22–26, 2020

    STEAM ahead while discovering how the science of color affects and is affected by technology and even engineered to create new color hues. Learn how math can influence art-making decisions that give shape and form to color and line.

    Week 4: Artful Abstraction
    July 6–10, 2020

    Use your imagination to showcase perspective, color, line, shape, texture, and pattern in an exploration of abstract art. Discover abstract artworks in our modern and contemporary art collection, and make your own modern masterpiece in our workshops!

    Week 5: Over the Valley and Through the Woods: Landscape Paintings
    July 13–17, 2020

    Travel the landscape with every stroke of your paintbrush. View the museum’s collection of landscape and waterscape paintings for inspiration. Venture far beyond the studio walls as you turn a blank canvas into a display of rolling hills, seascapes, mountains, and deserts.

    Week 6: Meditative Art
    July 20–24, 2020

    Breathe deeply and discover your inner calm. We’ll experience the richly transformative nature of art through a combination of peaceful art making prompted by slow looking, gentle movement, and quiet meditation. Open the door to your creative practice and enjoy the relaxing pace of the summer season.

    Week 7: Fantastical Creatures and How to Make Them
    July 27–31, 2020

    Tall tales, mystical myths, and silly stories often include elves, fairies, mermaids, centaurs, and more. Discover legends from around the world that feature these fantastical creatures, then engineer your own imaginary beings and craft their stories to be told to future generations.

  • Week 1: The Art of Summer Camp
    June 8–12, 2020

    The Museum will serve as your daytime campsite, bringing summer camp fun indoors and into the art studio. Enjoy classic summer camp arts and crafts as we transform outdoor summer camp activities into explorations in art and design.

    Week 2: Papercraft
    June 15–19, 2020

    Fold, cut, crease, and paste to create elaborate designs from one of our most frequently used materials—paper! The museum’s collection of decorative arts, abstract sculptures, and folk art will provide inspiration. Reveal paper’s design potential through paper modeling, collage, decoupage, origami, papier-mâché, and cut-paper art.

    Week 3: Elements of Art and Nature
    June 22–26, 2020

    Uncover secrets of the natural world and the world of art through studying the basic elements of each. A scientific investigation of the world around us and an inquiry into art will start us off on our discovery.

    Week 4: Intergalactic Art
    July 6–10, 2020

    Explore other galaxies through art and your own imagination! Widen your understanding of the galaxy through art by discovering new worlds and creating original planets. The possibilities are limitless!

    Week 5: Designing Life’s Backdrop
    July 13–17, 2020

    Become an architect and experiment with art and design through building and crafting your surroundings. Learn about alternative building techniques and get inspired by the High’s collection of paintings, prints, and photographs featuring architecture. Then design your own building, engineer a new museum, or build a skyscraper!

    Week 6: Making your Mark—Printmaking
    July 20–24, 2020

    Explore printmaking processes with fabric, sculpture, and collage. Study printmaking in various cultures and learn about its narrative quality in our special exhibition The Plot Thickens: Storytelling in European Print Series.

    Week 7: Four Corners of the Globe
    July 27–31, 2020

    Investigate techniques and artists from around the world as we move north, south, east, and west through the galleries. Allow multicultural artworks in the museum to inspire your own ceremonial masks, self-portraits, and more as we discover the power of art from different cultures.