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Art and Inclusion


A mother holds her daughter up above her head in the Museum Atrium in front of a bright mural by Sol Lewitt.

When I arrived at the High in 2015, the Museum faced a difficult truth: an exceptional collection and world-class architecture could not exclusively make us essential within the diverse and growing city that we call home. That realization forced us to change. We embraced inclusivity as a value and as a measurable objective.

Nearly five years after accelerating our commitment to inclusivity, it felt like an appropriate time to pause and transparently share our progress. In 2020 we released our first Art + Inclusion report, with a further commitment to updating our progress via this dashboard annually.

While this data has been used in different ways at different times, the report and this dashboard provides a comprehensive assessment of our efforts.

The data both underscores the very real adaptation of our culture and points to gaps and shortcomings. In other words, while it marks our progress, it more importantly establishes a baseline to guide the Museum‘s ongoing dialogue about what‘s next.

We certainly do not have all the answers. We understand that there is progress that is not “graphable.” And we‘re aware that we‘ve not achieved the full measure of change to which we aspire.

However, we will continue steadfastly toward our goal of being a place where all Atlanta is comfortable coming together. Achieving that will take continuous focus and the relentless reinforcement of inclusivity as integral to everything we do.

—Rand Suffolk, Nancy and Holcombe T. Green, Jr., Director


Listen to Rand Suffolk’s interview on WABE’s “City Lights” with host Lois Reitzes.