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The High offers special class series throughout the year for youth and adults. Learn techniques from local artists and join Museum education staff for discussions concentrating on special exhibitions and the High’s permanent collection as you explore the galleries.

View upcoming Youth Classes and Adult Classes

Looking to learn something new but can’t commit to a series of classes? Check out our monthly Tuesday Conversation Pieces, monthly Friday Drawing in the Galleries sessions, and our many Talks and Tours. We also offer workshops designed for community groups, scouting troops, and mentorship groups. Learn more about our Community Programs.


Saturday Studios: Winter/Spring 2020

Explore the High Museum’s galleries, learn from professional artists, and make art in our monthly studio classes! Designed for first through eighth grades, Saturday Studios teach young artists to investigate art in the galleries, develop their own creative practice, and create artworks in alignment with class themes.

Artists may attend a standalone session or build on their knowledge in a particular area by attending each of the five sessions (January through May). All supplies are provided, and artists are welcome to bring their own snacks and water. Pre-registration is required. The High Museum of Art reserves the right to cancel or alter any program due to attendance. 

Dates: Mark your calendar! Saturday Studios occur on the third Saturday of each month from January through May
(January 18, February 15, March 21, April 18, May 16)
Time: 1–4 p.m. (check-in begins at 12:30 p.m.)
Tickets: $35 for Members, $45 for Not-Yet-Members

Please check back soon to register online! Questions? Please email


A young girl holds her purple painted hands up to the camera.

Grades 1–2
Art + Play

These studios are all about stimulating young minds through lessons that blend the fundamentals of art with investigative problem-solving strategies and, of course, PLAY! Through sessions of guided play, young artists will reinvent the museum’s galleries and workshops as locations for inspiration. Participants will experience the realm of art as a tool for discovery through scavenger hunts, art-themed games, and explorations into design.

January 18
Explorations in the Greene Family Learning Gallery: A period of play in the Greene Family Learning Gallery will inspire participants to create paintings that emphasize the elements of play in conjunction with the elements of design.

February 15
Color Wheel Games: This class incorporates the building blocks of art and design into nonstop games and art making. Spin the color wheel to learn about color mixing. Produce an original artwork through randomly picking from a color scheme and a group of design elements. Make a spontaneous masterpiece during a game of Simone Says Art. Roll the dice and make an individualized color-by-numbers page. Practice your art improv skills by choosing drawing prompts in a card game.

March 21
Gallery Adventures and Expeditions: Add adventure to the everyday with a gallery scavenger hunt! Participants will play a gallery-themed I Spy game, make their own I Spy images with a variety of media, and decorate keepsake treasure boxes containing reminders of their favorite artworks.

April 18
Gallery Games: A tour in the galleries will be followed by a simple sentence card game about the artworks we observed. Participants will create a series of three artworks to narrate a story, which we will frame like artworks in the museum.

May 16
Musical Masterworks: This class will begin with a gallery tour to observe the elements and principles of art. Next, we’ll play a game of musical chairs to gather collage elements inspired by our time in the galleries. Finally, we’ll work together to make a large-scale collage and enjoy a playful session of experimental drawing and painting with sound.


A teaching artist helps a young boy with his art project.

Grades 3–5
Art as Storytelling

Calling all young authors and artists! In these studios, third through fifth graders will learn how to express themselves with words and pictures. Participants will create picture books, comics, scrapbooks, and journals and will practice their penmanship.

January 18
Motion Picture: Use Mad Libs to tell stories in a picture- or flip-book that you will decorate with handmade paper.

February 15
Storyteller’s Canvas: Create a personal journal with a professional touch as we learn about book binding, then fill it with beautifully scripted poetry and prose with techniques we learn for making letter art and writing calligraphy.

March 21
Create a Graphic Novel: Explore an action-oriented type of narrative that creates impact through image. Learn about comic book design and illustration in this class where you’ll get to write and draw your own graphic novel.

April 18
Pen + Brush: This class connects the pen and the paintbrush and will lead young artists from story writing through illustration. We’ll start with a themed tour of the galleries to explore artworks related to literature. Next, participants can share stories they’ve been working on with the group, and we’ll study techniques to illustrate our stories, create book covers, and make our own brushes and alternative painting tools.

May 16
Archive This Moment: Compile a scrapbook with photos of your school friends to commemorate the year, or hand draw your favorite moments with the new friends in your studio class.


A young girl holds her pencil and notebook and gazes up at a Nick Cave artwork.

Grades 6–8
TEXTile Design

With the museum’s collection of textiles as a backdrop, young artists will take a step away from digital distractions and create sewing, weaving, and alternative textile projects that serve as a different form of communication. In this mixture of DIY, textile design, and home economics with a spin, participants will reflect on their design preferences, cultures, and personalities by creating mini quilts along with basic sewing instruction, making wall hangings, learning alternative cross-stitching, designing fabrics and wearable art, crocheting, and adding to a collective weaving project.

January 18
Warp and Weft: With so much technology influencing how we communicate, we often see the world scrolling through lines of text. Move with the same motion but detached from tech as we learn weaving techniques and create our own beautiful wall hangings.

February 15
Make It Fashion: Imagine you could communicate with only emojis and symbols. What type of visual message would you devise? Explore the world of pattern, learn to communicate through the elements of design, and create your own decorations on fabric to use for your fashion project. Expand the possibilities of your patterned product as you learn about wearable art, garment construction, and logo design.

March 21
Converse and Quilt: Learn quilting techniques, create an original pattern, and begin making a quilt square that can be the start of your own quilt or a special wall hanging all on its own.

April 18
Fun with Cross-Stitch: Communicate across time and generations by propelling cross-stitch—a form of needlework with a legacy—into the present. Explore this fun and versatile technique to create original fabric designs, fun sayings, scenes, and patterns, or even adorn your favorite photographs with creative, one-of-a-kind additions.

May 16
Hooked on Crochet: Crochet a circular mandala inspired by the exhibition speechless: different by design. A gallery-based prompt and tour will provide inspiration, and the meditative practice of crocheting in a mandala-like pattern will encourage relaxation.