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10 Artists

For our city and the nation, this moment is distinctly about the fact that black lives matter. Because Atlanta is our city; because it is the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement; and because as your art museum we draw inspiration from the bravery, candor, and commitment of those who have built this community of progress with their actions; we despair at the senseless violence and loss of life that continues to threaten members of the African-American community — indeed, our community.

As an organization, we cannot address or fathom the complexity and challenge of this current moment on our own. We can, however, gain perspective, some measure of understanding, and a sense of purpose by listening to the voices and vision of artists whose work we are proud to have within our collection.

Over the next ten days, we will highlight the artwork of ten artists which poignantly and passionately acknowledges the power of protest, history of oppression, resiliency, and hope which defines the experience of being black in the United States of America.